Ensuring good water quality should be a priority

Ensuring good water quality should be a priority as buildings reopen after lockdown, for both financial and health and safety reasons. The quality of your water within the heating and water system may be below par if your taps have not been running and the environment has been stagnent for several months.

There are many reasons why your water may not be of good quality when unlock, including:

Scale deposits 

The build-up of scale and debris can also cause noise in the boiler, as well as high temperatures due to little or no flow, which can cause part of the system to fail.


Corrosion can also have a negative impact on systems reduce the lifespan of water heaters and their components. Corroded systems that are blocked with debris will force the equipment to work harder and for longer.

Microbial Contamination

It is important to ensure that your systems are cleaned and flushed effectively after a period of stagnation.

These are just some of the issues you may face, so if you want DM Plumbing to come in and check your water pressure, heating systems or the quality of your water, contact us today.